INVENTDESK | Inventtag – Entry & Exit
INVENTDESK offers safety solutions for schools like surveillance systems, vehicle and personnel management and broadcasting tools.
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INVENTtag is a module of INVENTDESK that helps in managing the “Entry” and “Exit” of school students, staff and visitors within the campus by providing a real time count which is displayed on the dashboard. With seamless Bluetooth technology, no physical contact is required by INVENTtag to recieve signals or data. It helps in managing attendance in several scenarios and is crucial to ensure that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. Alerts and notifications for different scenarios can be customised as per the institute’s requirement. For example – If a student is still on campus beyond school hours, if a student exits school early or if someone is trying to enter an unauthorised area, it can be preset and the admin will recieve the alert from INVENTDESK in no time!