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INVENTDESK offers safety solutions for schools like surveillance systems, vehicle and personnel management and broadcasting tools.
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State Police Master Control Room

State Police Master Control Room

Amtex System Inc. has won the prestigious contract to build and operate a state of the art Police Master Control Room for the state of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Police force is considered to be the leading Police Force in India and always a pioneer and trendsetter in embracing new technology and forms of Policing.


The bidding process for this contract saw bids from the likes of GVK, L&T and Rolta but ultimately Amtex’s superior technology platform ensured it won the race.


This is not the first time Amtex has been recognized for using cutting-edge technology to promote the safety of citizens. Amtex had earlier received praise for creating Kavalan- the popular mobile safety app.


The Kavalan app which is part of Amtex’s Inventcare platform will now serve as the state’s Official Mobile Safety App.


The app, which is available to download free of cost, enables members of the public to alert the Police in case of any emergency. There are additional features built into the app designed specifically for women’s safety. They enable them to send discreet alerts even in difficult situations. The Citizen Alert feature enables the public to report accidents & incidents by taking pictures and videos without them getting involved in Police procedures.


Since winning the contract Amtex has built a state-of-the-art Police Master Control Room in the erstwhile Commissioner’s Office Building compound in Egmore.


This Control Room will serve as the emergency response center to handle the dial 100 and 112 emergency calls in the state with a response system similar to the 911 emergency response centers in the USA.


The Control Room will connect over 1600 Police stations across Tamil Nadu including 37 District Police Headquarters. 2000 Police patrol vehicles will also be connected using a highly advanced GPS tracking solution. It will also have the provision to connect the entire state Police force of over 100000 Police officers.


The Control Room will house a Call Center with Amtex call takers to receive emergency calls from the public 24*7 and will be equipped to perform at 100% in any situation.


Citizens will be able to access the response system and speak to a call taker by dialing 100 or 112 from their mobile or landline phone. The system will automatically detect their location and direct the nearest patrol vehicle or officer based on the emergency. It will also alert the respective Police station and the District Police Headquarters for follow up action.


Members of the public will also have the option of registering complaints through the Official Mobile Safety App as well as social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.


Amtex Chairman and CEO Sunny Pokala shared his thoughts on this significant development.


“Amtex is committed to developing and deploying the latest technology in emergency response and crime prevention to assist the Tamil Nadu Police department. We have incorporated sophisticated data analytics to study trends and prevent crime. We see this system also helping the Police in the deployment of officers and planning patrol routes.


We are proud to be associated with Tamil Nadu Police in their continuous efforts to make the state 100% crime-free.”

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