INVENTDESK | Guidelines that Can Help in Ensuring the Safety of School-Going Children
INVENTDESK offers safety solutions for schools like surveillance systems, vehicle and personnel management and broadcasting tools.
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Guidelines that Can Help in Ensuring the Safety of School-Going Children

Guidelines that Can Help in Ensuring the Safety of School-Going Children

Children spend more time in schools than anywhere else for most of the year – making it extremely important for school authorities, teachers, and parents to ensure that every child is safe inside the school premises and while commuting to or from school. Here are few suggestions one can think of when it comes to student safety.

1. School Route Audit:

Many accidents occur when children are commuting to schools. This happens because we haven’t yet ensured safety on school routes. Lack of proper sign boards, speed breakers etc. are also major factors contributing to these accidents. A safe route to school audit should be conducted periodically by the school management and local government to trace out the obstructions and challenges faced by students.

The school management should also provide the school buses with real time tracking technology for better safety and management of trips.

2. School Infrastructure Audit:

The school infrastructure is another major concern. Many students have died or been injured due to poor infrastructure at the schools. We should not wait to initiate construction or maintenance of roofs until they collapse and create troubles. Similarly, provision for safe drinking water the students’ right, not a supplement. School authorities should always be keen about auditing the school infrastructure and amenities to create a better and safe learning environment.


  1. School Bus:

A school bus is considered to be the safest commute option for children. Busses should follow clear mandates different factor including the seat to student ratio, display of emergency numbers and tracking system, etc.

4. Road Safety Education:

Negligence in imparting road safety education puts the life of students at risk. Safety education should purposefully start from the lower primary level itself.

5. Emergency Numbers:

Display of emergency numbers in school will be highly beneficial for students and staff members. These should include the contact numbers of the local police station, school principal, PTA authority, ambulance service, etc.

6. First Aid Service:

It is no longer a question to whether or not to provide first aid to students. Injuries can happen at any moment and delay in proper medical aid can lead to serious fatalities and casualties.

7. Police Deployment:

Deployment of police personnel in school zones will ensure the students cross roads safely and will also encourage them to follow the rules.

8. School Safety Committee:

A school safety committee should be constituted to ensure and monitor safety practices within the school.

The safety committee should include the Principal/Headmaster, PTA authority, staff and student representatives and ward members.


(Source: The Better India)

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