INVENTDESK | 5 Tips to Improve School Safety & Security in India
INVENTDESK offers safety solutions for schools like surveillance systems, vehicle and personnel management and broadcasting tools.
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5 Tips to Improve School Safety & Security in India


5 Tips to Improve School Safety & Security in India

School safety is a very complex issue. It affects children, teachers, administrators, and parents in various ways, from the quality of learning to feeling secured inside the school to having a peace of mind for the parents. But it is also everyone’s responsibility and schools should remind every individual of their respective roles in promoting school safety and security within and outside the school.




Marking the main entry to the school: Limiting the entryways to school buildings can always be a start. Clearly mark the main entry to the school and post signs on other entries redirecting visitors to the main entry. Lock outside access doors. Check periodically to make sure the doors haven’t been tampered with or propped open. The periodic inspections should include windows too. If possible, have a parking lot monitor who oversees people entering and leaving the campus. Also, monitor school visitors. It is very important that visitors report to the main office, sign in, and wear visitor badges. All staff should be trained to report strangers not wearing a visitor badge to the school office.


Direct point of contact: It is always a good idea to consider the presence of school resource officers, local police, and security guards. Always have a direct point of contact which can immensely help during emergencies and prevent delays. This includes hospitals as well. Also, having an anonymous suggestion system (student hotlines, suggestion boxes, online portals) can always help a school in enlightening them about matters that go unseen and unheard. It definitely will have a flipside but awareness is the key.


Risk assessment: It is very important to have risk assessments done periodically to analyse and prevent threats before a mishap can occur.  A team should be properly defined and formed for carrying out such assessment procedures from time to time. Develop/update your school’s crisis plan and preparedness training. School emergency plan should include preparedness procedures such as lockdowns, evacuations, parent-student reunification procedures, and emergency communications protocols. These should be shared with parents and the media. These teams should regularly review plans, hold simulation drills, and train staff in how to respond to students’ questions.


A better parental engagement: Parents definitely play a very pivotal role when it comes to child safety. It becomes very important for the parents to educate their children about self safety as most of this is implemented in school because a child spends most of its days within the school compounds. The most basic thing a parent can do is talk to their child and equally listen to them and the details. Having a good parent-teacher relationship is also very important for being aware of what the child is going through. The awareness will help in nipping the issue in the bud rather than waiting for mishaps to occur.


Technology: When it comes to safety and security, depending on technology is of utmost importance in today’s time, whether it is a school or office or even at home. Everyone wants the schools in their community to be safe. No matter how much we try, manual management of the school environment is always difficult. This is where technology comes in.


The following technologies are the basic requirements a school must have:


Student mapping: Sure, CCTV cameras have been very useful in solving issues and problems when any mishap has come to light, but what about areas where CCTV cannot access? This is where mapping of students come into picture. Mapping a student will help in preventing a student from entering unauthorised ares as alerts can be triggered immediately. Also, it will help in keeping a track of where a student is spending their time, whether in the classroom or cafeteria or any other place within the compound. It is more efficient because alerts are immediately triggered hence keeping the school aware of any occurrences happening within the school.


GPS tracker for buses: GPS tracking has become an essential aspect for every school and educational institutions. Nevertheless, every school management intends to ensure student safety. This goal can be effortlessly achieved by tracking the movement of these buses as transit is the main area where mishaps can occur.


Entry- Exit Module: This technology mainly helps in keeping a track of the  number of people entering and leaving the school. This technically helps in managing the entry and exit of school students, staff and visitors within the campus by providing a real time count which is displayed on the dashboard that can be monitored by  an admin at all times. This can be done using Bluetooth or RFID technologies where no physical contact is required to receive signals or data. It helps in managing attendance in several scenarios and is crucial to ensure that no child is left behind.


Here are the major benefits of a school bus tracking system:


Better safety with live tracking: The most important factor to consider in a school is school safety which is of utmost importance. Improve the safety of the students by monitoring the buses in real-time and also by keeping the parents updated about their kids.
Notifications and alerts: Notifications are sent to parents for every pick-up and drop-off, even before the arrival of buses reducing the waiting time at the bus stops. Alerts are triggered in case there are route diversions or in case of overspeeding.
Fuel cost and effective route planning: This helps in channelising the route in the best way thus saving time and money. Fuel cost can also be tracked.

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