INVENTDESK | Safety Management Software I Child Safety I School Surveillance I Video Monitoring I GPS Tracking
INVENTDESK offers safety solutions for schools like surveillance systems, vehicle and personnel management and broadcasting tools.
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“INVENTDESK” from Inventcare forms the backbone of the software which manages all safety and care needs in an organization. It encompasses modules which help provide accurate information on mapping of people and assets in an organization, handling of physical and medical emergencies, live streaming, message and media broadcasts.

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IoT and Wearable Devices

A streaming service used to broadcast live video/audio/image or document within the premises or premises located in different geographies. All broadcasts are securely stored and can be reviewed on demand.

Map individuals and assets within your premises using state of the art equipment and sensors offering real time data and surveillance capabilities. Logs are auto-managed and records can be easily retrieved from secure storage with a click.

Secure your environment with an unparalleled solution to keep your loved ones safe. With iSecure, always be informed with real time streaming, auto generated reports, timely notifications and emergency support.


"Little Flower has been using INVENTDESK products for surveillance and monitoring for more than a year now and we are very satisfied. INVENTDESK offers a comprehensive menu of functions in one platform making it very user friendly for the admin department. Our campus community is now highly connected and instant access and assistance keeps our campus safe. They care immensely about providing us with top notch customer service and truly believe in their product and now we do too.”

Mrs. Taquiya Begum

Mrs. Taquiya Begum

Administration - Little Flower English School, Dubai

"Providing a safe and secure environment for children is of utmost importance to us. Parents trust us with the safety of their children and we take that responsibility very seriously. I can recount numerous instances where InventCare has helped us address very sensitive situations. Their integrated bus safety module called iSecure along with the Entry-Exit module has helped us implement better discipline amongst our children, drivers and staff. Their professionalism and ongoing support have been second to none"

Mr. Tarun Verma

Mr. Tarun Verma

Principal - International Boarding School, Chennai

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